Five Things You Did Not Know About Apple Inc.

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Apple Inc. is one of the well-known brands in the world. We all know about the various smartphones with advanced features launched by this company. Recently iPhone X launched by apple got too much attention in the market. Well, apart from That There are facts about Apple Inc. that very few people know.

1. Apple Cloth Collection.

apple collection

Today, we all know Apple Inc. as a tech giant, leading the world into a new era of technology.  Apple has launched a number of technologies, including iPhones, Ipads, laptops, etc. that brought the company into its zenith. But what about the failure of the companies that caused it some serious setbacks in its history.

Yes, you heard it right “the failure of the company”. In 1986, one year after the resignation of Steve jobs as the chairman, Apple started its first apparel accessories company, known as “The Apple Collection”.  Wanting to see that how far this time the apple fans follow their trends, the company got nothing except disappointment.

Though clothing sector occurred to be a complete failure despite the brilliant sense of design and know how about their customers’ choice.


2. Apple sued Samsung.

Apple vs samsung

If you have ever used an iPhone or a Samsung phone, you must have experienced the “slide to unlock” and “quick links” feature.

We have often heard the rumors regarding the dispute between the apple and the Samsung. Recently, the news went off that Apple had sued against the Samsung regarding the “slide to unlock” and “quick links” features.

The base of the indictment was that Apple had a patent over both the features. It’s quite ludicrous to hear, but it cost 120 million $ to Samsung with the triumph of iPhone over the suit.


3. Apple’s Outsourcing with Samsung.


Apple products are well known for the quality of its product. One of the most mesmerizing technologies is the retina display used by it. Very few know the fact that iPhone does not produce this technology of their own. Rather it outsources the display from different companies than building the infrastructure for the manufacturer.

The retina display used in Ipads are produced by Samsung. While the iPhones, Mac book pro, and iPods touch display are furnished by LG and Japan Display Inc.

Displays used by Apple Inc. right now are really of higher quality and possess a high pixel density. For example, recently launched iPhone X has a higher pixel density of 458ppi with a resolution of 2436 x 1125.

4. Apple’s Claim On Android.

apple's claim on android.

Everyone knows the fact that Android stands first in the list of competitors of Apple’s IOS. The very line of Steve jobs famous for his wrath against Google is “I’m going to destroy Android because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this”.

As the words of Steve jobs are clearly convicting Google for stealing. The reason behind calling Google a thief is still quite nebulous from one’s point of view and can be self-explanatory in one’s context.

According to Steve Jobs, Android, now the world famous operating system, was a stolen product. The most compatible reason behind this could be extracted from the fact that the thought of Android was taken from the idea of IOS.

Though at that time Apple did not have the patent over it and a lot of work was going on IOS. Despite the fact that Android became global in 2005 while IOS in 2007, it is widely believed by apple’s adherent that Android was a stolen product.

5. Steve Jobs Kicked out of Apple Inc.

apple and steve jobs

Another interesting fact about Steve jobs is that he had resigned from the post of CEO in 1985 after the clash with John Sculley. John Sculley was formerly president and vice president of Pepsi-Cola until he became the chief executive officer of Apple. After resignation, Jobs found Next Inc. and also bought Pixar. He again joined the Apple Inc. in 1997.


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