Two Unbelievable Smartphones That Will Be Launched Soon.


Smartphones have become a basic need for our daily life nowadays. Everyone now wants to hold the best smartphone available in the market. Where on the other hand, smartphones are evolving day by day. Every next day a new smartphone is launched which smarter than the previous one.

In this article, I am going to tell you about two such smartphones that are hard to believe but are launching soon.

1. Nintendo Plus.

Nintendo-Plus - Smartphone

Nintendo switch has been the best selling gaming console in recent times but for further evolution of the company, Nintendo decided to launch its smartphone Nintendo plus in the year 2017 but due to some issues it was not launched and is still being waited in the market.

A company called Giuseppe Avanzato designed the phone. It comes with  Android 6.0 Marshmallow along with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, plus a 5.1 inch Full HD screen with an AMOLED panel. The amazing fact is that it has native emulators of famous Nintendo consoles, from the NES and SNES to the GameCube, DS, and GBA even. It has a kick slider and a free rotation mechanism which lets you move the screen in any orientation you like. It has dedicated gaming buttons including Four action buttons, a D-pad and two thumbsticks that you can remove.

The focus of the phone is gaming but apart from this, it has a 3000mAh battery, a 12-megapixel camera, stereo speakers in the front, single sim slot and a 147x69x8 mm polycarbonate body.

However, this smartphone is not available in the market but prototypes are available.

2. Vivo Apex – (Unbelievable smartphone)

Vivo Apex - Smartphones

In the list of futuristic smartphones, Vivo Apex is one of the best examples. Vivo has become the first company to beat Samsung and Apple and to bring us a full-screen display. Well, it is not the only milestone that Vivo has achieved. It has much more amazing features than one can expect.

Along with its full-screen display, this smartphone comes with an on-screen fingerprint scanner. This is so amazing because no other known brand has brought such specifications till date. It will be launched with Android v8.0 (Nougut) and will be having snapdragon 845  octa-core 2.8GHz Processor and 4GB ram along with 5.99 inches display which covers the whole screen and has a resolution of 

It has dual primary cameras both of 12MP with LED flash and a front camera of 8MP.

Vivo Apex- Smartphones Front Camera

One amazing thing about the front camera is that it is not on the screen or above the screen. The front camera pops up from the top.

The motor inside the body pushes the camera up.


This smartphone has a dual sim support (both Nano) with 4g network. It has a hybrid sim slot. It has an OTG support and has a 4000 mAh non-removable battery. This smartphone has 64Gb internal memory and expandable up to 256GB.

Vivo Apex is not yet in the market but its prototypes have been sent to reviewers. You can watch its review videos on youtube. This is all for this article. Please do not hesitate to drop a comment and ask us for any specific information.




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