Guitars have always been a sensation to the youth. It is something that everyone wants to have but buying a guitar has always been a bit difficult as most of us do not have any knowledge about it.

Most of us do not know about the types of guitar and the basic difference between them. We do not know which brands to trust or which one sells the best quality of the guitar. We all have heard about some brands like Yamaha and Gibson if we want to buy expensive guitars. However if one wants to get a guitar for learning which one will be the best.

In this article, I am going to give you a detailed knowledge about guitars and the things you need to consider before buying a guitar.


There are basically three types of a guitar which we must know before buying one.

  1. Acoustic (steel strings – including those with electrics fitted, so-called electroacoustics)
  2. Classical (nylon stringed guitar)
  3. Electric (including hollow bodied or semi-acoustics).


Acoustic Guitars (Electroacoustics)

Acoustic guitar


This is the look of an acoustic guitar. We all have seen it and it is probably the same type of image that comes to our mind everytime we think of buying a guitar.

The body of an acoustic guitar (Electro-acoustic guitar) is quite groovy. It has grooves, especially at the point where the fret-board connects the main body.

Another thing is that acoustic guitars have steel strings. The main body of an acoustic guitar is made up of wood and is hollow from inside to create resonance. It has a hole in the body. Acoustic guitars have a scratchboard as one can see just below the strings.

Although acoustic guitars look bulky, they are very light in weight. On the contrary acoustic guitars are hard to play because one needs to press his fingers harder on the strings which may be little painful for beginners.

Classical Guitars (Nylon Stringed)

Classical guitar

This is the look of a classical guitar. It is very much distinguishable from an acoustic guitar. A Classical guitar does not have a groove at the point of connection of fretboard and the main body.

Just like an acoustic guitar, the main body of a  classical guitar is also made up of wood and is hollow from inside.

The classical guitar has nylon strings. Playing a classical guitar is not so easy as well because one has to press his fingers hard on the strings.

Electric Guitar

Electric guitar

An electric guitar somewhat looks like this. However, there is a range of designs available for electric guitars at the same time they are costly too.

Electric guitars may look small but they are quite heavier than the others because of their solid structure. They are not hollow like acoustic and classical guitars.

Electric guitars also have steel strings. Electric guitars amplify the vibrations of a string into electrical signals. generally, an amplifier is needed to play an electric guitar loud but for practice, it can be played without an amplifier.

In an electric guitar, you can see many buttons for adjusting volumes and sound quality.

Ease Of Playing

If you are a beginner you must start with an electric guitar as it is easier than other guitars. Strings of an electric guitar are softer than that of acoustic guitar so they are easy to play.

If you can not afford one it will not matter much as any guitar will work well. I myself started with an acoustic guitar. It was quite hard to play in the beginning, it was harsh on the fingers but soon you get familiar with it.


Well, Just willing to have a guitar does not makes a sense until we buy one and buying something has specific criteria. The price of a guitar must be affordable for people so one may think of buying it.

Which guitar should one buy? This is a most obvious question you may have been facing after reading this article. Don’t worry I have a solution for that too. I will guide you in buying a good guitar which fits in your budget.

The cheapest is the classical guitar then comes acoustic and then comes electric.

The classical guitar may cost you about 3-4 thousand of Indian rupees. Acoustic costs about 5-8 thousand Indian rupees however if you want a really good and branded one then the range may extend. The most costly and the easiest to play as well as the electric guitar. It is available in a variety of range like base guitar, metal guitar etcetera. It ranges from 10,000 Indian rupees to lakhs and above.

First, you need to check your budget and search on e-commerce sites for a nice guitar.

If an electric guitar is available in your budget then go for it but buy only if you trust the brand. It may be a local brand but it must be a good one.

If your budget is not that of an electric guitar then go for acoustic and at the extream go for classical.

This suggestion is for learners who don’t actually have a guitar and buy their first one. If you already had a guitar and you want to get another and you know how to play well then choose anyone which you think will suit you.


For any further questions feel free to drop a comment in the comment box.


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